Over the last year I have been busy trialing a range of ICT tools that could help students to reach their expected achievement standards. I have also been working with older students to create a small media group which is responsible for reporting news from around our school and our wider community to a whole schoool assembly with the aim to upload their programme onto the school website and our local Te Awamutu online site.
As this media group is a new programme for our school we have been trialling a range of programme structures to find one that best fits our school learning environment. I have decided to record the process we have developed and report on the 'aha' and 'oh no' moments. I also aim to upload a range of our programmes and interviews from the students involved in the media team.

Pekerau School Media Group
consists of Year 4-6 students initially
Students have been selected by myself and our
IT Manager for their ICT skills, interpersonal skills,
and general interest in the project with support from their parents.
In order for the students to take ownership of this project, their first task
was to create a name for the programme.
Pekerau School Media Group are now known as "The Big Bang".
The group all have specific roles and tasks they are responsible for.

The aim of my wiki page is to share with interested parties ideas, resources and projects that have influenced me in my teaching.
I hope you find it of interest.
My class this year is called the room 5 Lions. We have a wiki that has information on it about our class and links to our Reading log which the children would like people to share their opinions about the books they select. Set up a gmail and ask to join by visiting room5lions@wikispaces.com.

E Fellowship 09
Ginnys Blog
My E Project
Room 5 Kea


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As an E Fellow I have created a page specifically to share my E Project. It had a significant effect on the students personal belief in their writing ability and confidence in being able to develop a story using richer language. The students were able to accept onliine feedback/ feedforward to enrich their work then create a movie that reflected their story. My project shares ICT tools, skills and the online community to enhance their work. To view Room 5 Kea stories check them out in Our Stories in our wiki.

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